We have put together an incredible team of specialists in each of their respective positions. With this focus and the common purpose of doing great work for our clients,

we are able to get projects done correctly every time.


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Port Coquitlam, BC
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David Dallazanna

Collin Petrie

Frank Walsh

Guy Barber

André Bouvier

Accounts Payable


Chris Wolczyk

Don Mudridge

Gaston Saulnier

Peter Keele

Capo Construction has won numerous industry accolades throughout our many years in business. But none of them is more important than the praise we’ve earned from our clients. We think their comments attest to our endless pursuit of excellence in everything we do. And we invite you to learn more about us from those who know our work best.

Michael Hall

We challenged CAPO to complete the project in just over five months. This was an incredibly fast-track schedule, given that retrofits of this scale, as we were told by our own advisors, typically require at least eight to nine months. CAPO's versatility and experience with complex construction enabled them to meet this aggressive schedule while achieving our high quality and safety standards.

Kevin Masterson

The pressure was put on this team from the day we broke ground and they heeded the call. These dedicated young construction professionals show what great teamwork is all about. They have well-grounded people who work hard and understand our business. Their knowledge of the food and beverage industry continues to grow.

Erica Stanford

National Foods has partnered with CAPO for more than 10 years on a variety of projects across the country. At the end of the day, CAPO always steps up to the plate to make sure things are done right. They have consistently completed projects on time and under budget.